NChartSolidSeriesSettings Class Reference

Inherits from NChartSeriesSettings : NSObject
Declared in NChartSolidSeries.h


The NChartSolidSeriesSettings class provides common settings for NChartSolidSeries.


Fill ratio for series that determines the amount of place for one series. For example, if the fill ratio is 1.0 and the column series is displayed, one column (or one group of columns, if there are many series on one chart at the same time) fills the whole area of one tick on the X and Z axes (for bar series – on the Y and Z respectively, for area – it’s Z-width and so on). If the fill ratio is 0.5, the column fills half the area of one tick and so on. The default value is 0.7.

@property (nonatomic, assign) float fillRatio

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