NChartSurfaceSeries Class Reference

Inherits from NChartSolidSeries : NChartSeries : NChartObject : NSObject
Declared in NChartSurfaceSeries.h


The NChartSurfaceSeries class provides methods to display surface series.


Flag determining if brush scale colors surface according Y-values of its points (YES) or values of their “Value” field (NO). The default value is YES.

@property (nonatomic, assign) BOOL useBrushScaleForYValues


If you want to color the surface according to its height, let this flag with YES value. You can create regular XYZ-points in this case. But if you need to color the surface independant from the height, set this flag to NO and create points with XYZ and Value. In this case you can display quasi 4D-data with the surface: XYZ will be displayed by the shape of surface, while the fourth coordinate called “Value” will be displayed by color.

This flag has effect if brush scale is set only.

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