NChartTooltip Class Reference

Inherits from NChartLabel : NChartPlaced : NChartObject : NSObject
Declared in NChartTooltip.h


The NChartTooltip class provides methods to display the tooltip for the chart’s points.

+ tooltip

Create new tooltip instance.

+ (NChartTooltip *)tooltip

Return Value

new tooltip instance.

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– setVisible:animated:

Change visibility of tooltip animated.

- (void)setVisible:(BOOL)visible animated:(float)duration


  • flag of visibility.
  • duration of animation in seconds.

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Vertical alignment of the tooltip. It is used if tooltip has no arrow presented, otherwise it is ignored.

@property (nonatomic, assign) NChartTooltipVerticalAlignment verticalAlignment

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Default orientation of the tooltip’s arrow. The default value is NChartTooltipArrowOrientationBottom.

@property (nonatomic, assign) NChartTooltipArrowOrientation defaultArrowOrientation


The default arrow orientation is the orientation tooltip uses if it’s far from plot area borders. If it’s close to border and alwaysInPlotArea is set to YES, it’s arrow orientation is automatically changed to keep tooltip inside the plot area.

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Flag determining if the tooltip should always be inside of the chart’s plot area. If YES, the tooltip may be shifted to fit in the plot area when it’s pivot is near the border of the chart’s plot area. If NO, it is never shifted and can overlap the axis when it’s pivot is near the border of the chart’s plot area. The default value is YES.

@property (nonatomic, assign) BOOL alwaysInPlotArea

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