NChartCandlestickSeriesSettings Class Reference

Inherits from NChartOHLCSeriesSettings : NChartSolidSeriesSettings : NChartSeriesSettings : NSObject
Declared in NChartCandlestickSeries.h


The NChartCandlestickSeriesSettings class provides global settings for NChartCandlestickSeries.


The resolution of cylinders. Resolution is the amount of vertices that build the circle. For example if you want to get a square candlestick, you should set resolution to 4. If you want to get a cylindrical candlestick, you may set a larger value. But the larger is the resolution, the more memory is used and the slower the rendering will be, so you should find out the minimal acceptable value. A good value for cylinder is 16 or 20. The default value is 20.

@property (nonatomic, assign) NSUInteger cylindersResolution


This value cannot be less than 3 and greater than 32.

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Flag determining whether horizontal lines on the ending of lower and upper candlestick shadows are shown (YES) or hidden (NO). The default value is YES.

@property (nonatomic, assign) BOOL showShadowEndingLines

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