Smart grids, tables & spreadhseets!
NGrid is the powerful grid, table and spreadsheet framework for your iOS application. Create stunning grids in minutes with NGrid clear API, complete documentation and extreme performance.

NGrid presents your data in the grid form on iOS devices. Scaling from a simple table to sophisticated interactive reports with growth indicators and sparklines NGrid is ideal for consumer, business, analytics and science iOS apps.

NGrid may be used via native Objective-C and Swift API or Xamarin-Binding.

Check it out with the free demo application in the AppStore.

Simple Tables
Simple two-dimensional tables with sort, filtering and analytical functions you can create in few minutes with NGrid framework.

Multidimensional Tables
Visualize multidimensional datasets from OLAP or other datasources. Awesome reports with tables with much less effort than before.

Big Data
NGrid is optimized for huge datasets, big data and online data.

Styles and Themes
Fine tune the look with style engine. Data, cells and whole table customization is available.

NGrid follows UIKit patterns. Using NGrid is no harder than UITableView.

NGrid capabilities are easily extendable by delegating.

Data editing
NGrid allows to edit data using internal (in-cell) or external editors. You can use default editors or implement your own ones with only a few lines of code.

Data interaction
Freeze, sort and filter rows & columns. The logic is customizable via delegates and customizable proxy data source.

Selection is available using long-tap gesture or by making API calls. Copying selected data is available out of the box and selection logic is fully customizable.

Conditional Formatting
Rich data analysis is available with conditional formatting. Highlight the data with colors or icons or implement your own formatting logic.

Sparklines are the simple line charts in a row or a column. Sparklines are fully customizable by using NGrid styles.

Growth Indicators
Growth indicators show data dynamics. They are ideal in business and analytical applications.