Awesome charts for your next Android app!
NChart3D is the universal charting framework for data visualization. Multiple chart types, 2D & 3D, excellent lightning effects and smooth animations make your data look gorgeous.
Thanks to hardware graphics acceleration NChart3D is extremely fast. The charts remain responsive during interaction and provide the best user experience even with huge datasets.

NChart3D draws awesome looking 2D and 3D fully interactive charts in your Android applications. All the most popular analytics, science and business charts are available in a simple and convenient way. Supply the chart points and select the chart types – the rest is done automatically. Excellent data visualization is only a couple of lines of code away!

NChart3D has friendly Java API as well as Xamarin-Binding.

Check it out with the free demo application in the Google Play.

2D Charts
Plain charts are easy-to-read and informative. There is a variety of chart types (such as column, pie, bar, line, etc) whatever suits your specific dataset or particular needs.
3D Charts
With our powerful set of 3D charts you can visualize multidimensional data or just add a 3D effect to your plain charts. For example, spice up a graph with shading.
If input data or its representation has changed, the chart will be animated, transforming the former image into the latter. The animation can be repeated as many times as you want.

Lighting Effects
We spent a lot of time adding amazing lighting effects with shaders to make the 3D diagrams look clear and vivid.
The object borders are perfectly smooth, while the performance is still beyond comparison thanks to adaptive anti-aliasing algorithm.
Advanced 3D
Use 3D models from .3DS and .PLY files to add even more realism to your chart.

User Interactions
Zoom, pan and rotate charts with mouse or animate scale, position and view angles programmatically. Queue the animations to spice up the charts with complex movements.
Individual points on a chart are selected with a simple click or mouse hover. The selecting event can be passed to the parent application, so you can process it yourself.
High Performance
Thanks to the hardware graphics acceleration used in NChart3D the charts remain interactive even for huge datasets.

Perfect for Analytics
There is a variety of charts to display decision-relevant information. You can combine different chart types in a single graph to display different sets of data at once.
Perfect for Business
Want to display financial or stock data? The candlestick chart describes price movements over time.
Perfect for Science
For education or science applications, NChart3D provides plotting graphs and surfaces.

Absolute Value Axis
This type of value axis is the most common to visualize data. All the values are displayed as they are, so you can easily compare them to each other or figure out a trend.
Additive Value Axis
This type of value axis can help you to see the amount of values in the total sum, or find out the total sum itself.
Percent Value Axis
This type of value axis is similar to the additive, but the amounts are normalized and represented as percentage.

Your Look
The visual appearance of the chart elements is fully customizable. You can use solid colors, gradients and even textures (for 3D models).
Attention to Details
Each element like caption, legend, tooltip, etc. of chart is customizable. You can alter colors, borders and visibility of elements.
Multiple Value Axes
Each value axis can be duplicated to display additional information. You can choose which series is drawn by a particular value axis.

Integration to Android App
The main element of NChart3D is the standard Android View subclass, so it is possible to place it anywhere in the view hierarchy.
Multiple Charts
There is no limit to the number of chart views on the screen. Each of them can be customized individually and display its own data.
Auto Layout
The layout of elements is automatically adjusted to the frame the chart will be displayed in. The values on the axis are automatically calculated to look attractive.